• CAI is a technology-based company owned & established by veterans of the U.S. Armed Services dedicated to providing solutions quickly, effectively and economically to government and industry.
  • Based out of the Metropolitan Washington D.C. area, CAI has vast experience in providing technical and functional support to corporate and executive leadership in the DoD, government and industry.
  • Known for its acumen in the field of Information Technology, Financial Management, and Manpower Management, CAI is reknowned for developing the largest Oracle Business Intelligence application in the world. It serves the analytical needs of hundreds of customers and numerous organizations.
  • CAI is a trusted source for training personnel in financial, manpower, and personnel applications.


  • CAI has strong ties with Oracle Corporation. Team members have received the highest caliber of training through them and are considered experts in the field of Business Intelligence.
  • Focused training and education combined with decades worth of experience within the Financial, Manpower and Resource Management fields provides CAI a core group of subject matter experts. These experts have led or consulted in the development of policies, strategies, plans and budgets.
  • As the developers of the Navy Manpower Programming & Budgeting System (NMPBS) and a human resource mapping tool called the Intelligent Workbook (IW), CAI is at the forefront of providing decision support tools to organizations with large amounts of financial and human capital.


  • Our deep talent pool is made up of engineers, scientists, financial managers, computer programmers, educators, mathematicians, and other professionals. Their experiences were gained from servicing such customers as:
    • Chief of Naval Operations
    • Commander, Navy Installations Command
    • Commander, Naval Facilities Engineering Command
    • United States Air Force
    • Humana
    • TRW
    • Quick & Reilly


  • CAI is not trying to become all things to all people. Instead, it is determined to provide the customer a single product: an effective and capable analyst. Pure and Simple.
  • Using technology as leverage to immerse students into the world of data, CAI is committed to making students proficient in mining data and developing their "analytical toolbelt."