Business Intelligence and Analytics

We work with top-level executives, pairing data with superior analysis (including modelling and optimization) to create the ultimate intelligence, so your decisions are based on true insights, not best guesses from available information.

Project Management and Implementation

We bring to each job extensive experience gained from many large-scale projects in the private and public sectors. Beyond simply implementing traditional software tools, much of our experience also includes designing and executing completely new capabilities for clients. So you get solutions that fit your exact needs.

Computer Solutions

IT (information technology) offers not only the biggest challenges, but also the greatest opportunities for any business. From system setups and data integration, to data mining and all other IT tasks for both hardware and software, CAI can quickly and effectively deploy all necessary IT infrastructures. To keep your office working smarter.

Specialized Training

With extensive experience in developing Manpower and Financial systems, CAI has provided training to hundreds of military, civilian and contractor personnel. The training enabled analysts to be proficient in the use of specific IT systems and understand key manpower, financial and database querying concepts. Analysts were better prepared to support their organizations with their new found knowledge and skills. CAI continues to provide specialized training utilizing our "Touchstone Method" of data immersion. Students are able to apply their skills immediately with our methodology of hands-on-training and real-world analysis.