Team Members

Concept Analysis and Integration, LLC (Prime Contractor)

Founded in 2004, CAI is a veteran-owned company that focuses on customer business transformation needs and improving decision making capability. Each CAI principal brings decades of experience to CAI projects. Most of CAI's employees are former Oracle employees, Big 5 consultants, or former senior military leaders. CAI's specialties are Business Intelligence and Analytics, Project Management and Implementation, and IT/Computer Solutions. CAI has implemented the world's largest Oracle Business Intelligence implementation for the Navy as verified by a world renowned business intelligence expert. CAI personnel implemented the OPNAV N1 Navy Manpower Programming and Budget System (NMPBS) in record time–5 months from receipt of servers on the loading dock to going live with production (including approved DITSCAP package). The web-based design created by CAI personnel provides a system that has been used by Navy users world-wide since the system went into production in 2005 most especially during each Program Objective Memorandum (POM) cycle. CAI has maintained NMPBS in a state-of-the art state with respect to software components and system capability and the Navy and Oracle have used NMPBS to demonstrate the power and value of such a system. The capability within NMPBS exists nowhere else in DOD. CAI personnel were sought out to implement CNP's (Toyota) "kaizen" LEAN Model manpower implementation of Total Force Human Capital Strategy within NMPBS. Total Force implemented the Enterprise model throughout the Navy and resulted in the first bottom-up view of Navy Manpower and how manpower is consumed by all parts of the Navy. For the first time the entire manpower "tail" of the implications of deploying/decommissioning Navy platforms could be seen and calculated accurately.

CAI is establishing itself as an information technology expert capable of implementing systems on any scale. Headquartered in Silver Spring, Maryland CAI has offices in Alexandria, Virginia and Iola, Kansas. CAI personnel meet or exceed the managerial, technical, and administrative support requirements of SeaPort-e as proven on continuously held contracts with the Navy since 2006.