Quality Assurance

The CAI organization is focused on customer and project lines. A CAI Corporate Monitor is assigned to our two primary customer constituencies, Department of Defense and Civilian Agencies. These two Corporate Monitors report directly to the President/CEO and have primary responsibility for delivering services and specialized consultants to our customers. Within our consulting practices individual contracts and customers are assigned to CAI Project Managers. CAI Project Managers fulfill CAI's obligations to our clients and deliver all services, reports, and consulting products. In addition to management and delivery of services, specialists are responsible for providing of specific domain, process, technology, and policy expertise within the consulting engagements. This organizational approach provides delivery and leadership responsibility by Corporate Monitors and ensures quality and consistency in our consulting expertise.

Quality Assurance is designed into the CAI organizational approach. Corporate Monitors have ultimate responsibility for the delivery of services, compliance with contract requirements, and accountability for time and expenses. While Program/Project Managers deliver and develop consulting products in accordance with our contract requirements and customer requests, Corporate Monitors review and approve all deliverables and resources committed to the individual projects. The Domain and Quality organization is responsible for the delivery of expertise and resources in compliance with the contract definition and position requirements. The Domain and Quality organization acts across the DoD and Civilian Agency practices to deliver personnel and products with specialized expertise in domain, process, technology, and policy. New resource requirements are submitted to line Corporate Monitors and staff Domain and Quality experts simultaneously to ensure quality and compliance. The President/CEO is responsible for the coordination of the delivery and quality organizations.