CAI Past Performance


CAI currently provides N10 support for NMPBS and N1's preparation of the Manpower POM.

This support includes:
  • Database administration
  • Project management and oversight
  • Documentation development
  • Report generation
  • Data analysis
  • Execution tasks in preparation of the POM.

Members of the CAI team also participated in the design, development, hardware purchase, maintenance, and other duties on NMPBS (Navy Manpower, Programming and Budget System). This experience from the beginnings of NMPBS has provided CAI team members with an established working relationship with N10 and invaluable knowledge regarding Navy manpower data. Included was the creation of the Intelligent Workbook (IW) and the IW's ongoing support for N1 process requirements, deliverables and timelines. Additionally, CAI will draft internal guidance for the Manpower POM Process coordinating the required actions of all N-codes and Supported Enterprise. Minutes will be taken of all meetings in which CAI participates or upon request.

Navy CNIC:

Our professional team of program, budget and manpower analysts serving at CNIC has provided exceptional service throughout fiscal year 2008 & 2009. Our expertise in NMPBS and the Intelligent Workbook has been used to assist and train the Manpower Management Branch in these essential fiscal and manpower tools.
Additionally, our knowledge of OPNAV N1's programming processes enabled CNIC to develop a comprehensive assessment of all military, civilian and contractor billets for display in the Enterprise Construct Lens. Our work has been used to support critical resource allocation decisions affecting the entire scope of CNIC's core functions during the gruelling POM-10 process.
Lastly, our team provided uninterrupted support in the fiscal management of all CNIC N1's Programs. During an intense time in which numerous requirements were competing for scarce funds, our team assisted all N1 Programs in compiling their unfunded requirements and provided a format for leadership to quickly understand which requirements had greatest priority and what resources were available.
On this project CAI drafted timeline and POA&M for CNIC Leadership/N-Code Heads for actions and deliverables. Drove the POM-10 and PR-11 Process for Manpower for CNIC, preparing every deliverable to OPNAV N1.
CAI compiled first-ever CNIC database of contractor labor; catalogued contractors according to the type of work they supported. Enabled leadership to understand the labor costs of contractors, the type of work they performed and who they support.
CAI performed a complete evaluation of all billet mappings (alignment to a work product and Enterprise) and remapped 100% of all billets to provide the Navy a detailed view of how CNIC supports the Navy.
CAI provided CNIC leadership a newly developed End Item Product Structure which provides the Navy more useful and detailed choices to "map" billets to work. Choices are related to every business function of CNIC.

Experience of CAI Personnel:

Our people have worked on a multitude of projects prior to CAI. These projects are examples of large scale systems which CAI team members have either led the design and implementation or have significantly improved the project outcome. Examples include:


humana logo
Humana was experiencing difficulties handling an ever-increasing call center volume, which caused a sharp increase in call time. So Humana became one of the first companies in the country to adopt Oracle 11i CRM. This meant that besides the typical challenges presented by the development of a new computer system, the new Oracle CRM software had many bugs to resolve which is typical with any vendor's, newly developed software. Adding to the project complexity was implementation of the new system in 5 call centers across the country with a total of 2,500 Humana users.

Due to our successful management and implementation, the project was a huge success. Call time dropped over 85%, to less than 2 minutes, the backlog of calls was closed out, and late collections of premiums were reduced from over 90 days to less than 30.


trw logo for CAIOur team brings a very deep experience to the table with large-scale Enterprise Resource Planning systems. One of these projects at TRW included the migration of PeopleSoft HR/Payroll from client/server HR/Payroll to web based HR/Payroll. The implementation was for a $4B division of TRW. The successful migration not only upgraded to the web but also caused no interruption in paycheck issuance. This success had obvious significance to employees and a more efficient, flexible system for the company. Quick & Reilly

Quick & Reilly, a Wall Street firm, needed a better process for workflow, analysis and customer service. Our team members created a plan to upgrade their backend process for clearing stock transactions executed on the trading floor from client/server to the web. Our team members also identified and integrated improved software to allow for better analysis. Plus, CAI helped Quick & Reilly target high net worth customers. This way, they could cross sell other Quick & Reilly services and ensure these valuable customers would get the best and fastest customer service when they called.


USAF Logo for CAIThe USAF was interested in upgrading their Human Resource system. Oracle HR Enterprise Resource Planning software was chosen. However, the problem with the COTS HR ERP package was that the software was suited to commercial clients, not the military. Major customizations were needed. The difficulty being that customizing vendor ERP software can often prove extremely costly and carries a high risk of failure. As such, the USAF contracted with Oracle Consulting Corporation to reverse engineer the ERP software into Oracle Designer 2000. In that way military specific changes could be made to the code to generate a military specific version of the HR software. The project resulted in the first-ever military specific HR ERP software package.