Navy OPNAV N12

The process for making changes to Navy billets was manually intensive. Further, the process involved personnel who are located in multiple geographic locations. As such, in order for the process to work collaboration took the form of email and phone calls. This unstructured process resulted in an unwieldy, slow method of accomplishing billet changes. With a monthly average of over 5,000 billet changes, a new method was needed. CAI built a web-based application (Billet Change Request) in NMPBS to accomplish this work. Tracking is done by the application in the database and workflow was implemented by using email notifications to let participants know they needed to login to the system perform their assigned action. This significant improvement obviated the need for over 100 workflow participants to login to the system every day to see if they needed to perform a task. This system was named one of the Chief of Naval Personnel's Top 5 Systems and reduced the time to accomplish a billet change from weeks to 1-2 days.