CAI offers "Cradel-To-Grave" IT asset management services that enables customers to single-source their IT services needs. Our Data Destruction Services Division specializes in ensuring customer data and assets are retired in a manner that safeguards privacy, proprietary, or classified information.

Multiple Participants = Multiple Risks

The old addage that "too many cooks spoil the broth" rings very true in the world of data destruction and security. As data & IT managers introduce multiple entities to accomplish the task of destroying data and retiring their assets, the amount of resources it takes to manage multiple contractors increases. Additionally, the organization exposes itself to multiple unknown risks due to the different standards and practices of each new participant.

CAI's philosophy is that by offering customers a single-source service that meets End-of-Life IT Asset Management needs, we greatly reduce our customer's risk exposure while lowering of costs through a "bundled" service. Our solutions include: