"The Perfect Storm"
  • Aging IT assets and the consolidation of hundreds of data centers are flooding federal warehouses with electronic media storage. Shrinking IT budgets require reutilization of older assets by other departments. Government IT managers are under-resourced and undermanned. Existing commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software tools are insufficient in cleansing 100% of hard drive storage & newer storage technologies.
  • Greater amounts of customer & corporate data are stored in an increasing variety of electronic media. An influx of new IT investments are pushing out aging assets for disposal, filling storage facilities with old hard drives and servers containing sensitive information. Computers are being transferred to other departments or refurbished for third party sale not being properly wiped of vital information.
  • The confluence of these factors have resulted in the catastrophic and inadvertent divulging of sensitive or classified data.
Weather The Storm with CAI
  • How can this be avoided? CAI has the solution. With its team of IT professionals experienced in supporting the IT needs of Federal (incl. DoD), state & local government, CAI is poised to support its customers in its End-of-Life IT asset management through our unique data security, data destruction, & asset management capabilities.
Eliminate Unnecessary Risk....by using CAI Do you know the true & total costs when you perform data sanitization & End-of-Life (EOL) IT Asset Management "in-house"? Here are some of "UNKNOWN" costs you will encounter:

  • PERSONNEL: Additional personnel will be hired or pulled from essential duties, diminishing their support to important customers
  • TIME:
    • Personnel will need proper training and certification
    • Managing the process, documentation, and tracking the work performed on your assets is laborious
    • Inexpensive software-based wiping tools lack the speed & access capabilities of industrial-strength tools, requiring piecemeal work
  • WORKSPACE: Storing excess or obsolete equipment in secure spaces awaiting processing occupies valuable work or storage area
  • TRANSPORTATION & DISPOSAL: A reliable and certified company must be hired to inventory, package and haul away the assets. Can they be trusted to enter your spaces? Are they GREEN?
  • RISKS: Performing sanitization and EOL IT Asset Management in-house brings unknown & unnecessary risks along with unforeseen additional costs
CAI can reduce the costs and eliminate the risks of these essential functions by eliminating these "UNKNOWNS".