CAI supports the Federal Government's program of reutilizing our national IT assets in other parts of government or for use by needful organizations, such as schools & non-profit organizations. That is why CAI created the GO Green! Initiative. GO Green! is CAI's Community Outreach Program that helps provide our services to neighborhoods and schools to assist them in projects that recycle and reuse.
Some examples of these projects are –
  • Neighborhood Data Wiping & Electronic Recycling Days

Spring cleaning and the purchase of new computers often bring out the need for the public to reduce clutter. Teaming up with local HOAs allows the public to responsibly & securely dispose of unwanted electronics.

  • Church Recycling & Fundraising Drives

Partnering with churches and other community organizations and providing them opportunities to collect old IT assets to recycle for cash.

  • e-Ducate! Program

Going to elementary schools to provide presentations on the basic components of a computer, the materials that are used to produce them and how recycling can reclaim all these precious metals.

  • e-Smart Program

Providing gently used computer systems from organizations that have donated their older systems to local schools.